Engagement policy

Engagement policy

Snam values the exchange with its shareholders and bondholders, as well as with institutional investors and asset managers, and encourages constant and ongoing dialogue that benefits both investors and the Company, with a view to creating medium to long-term value.

To this end, on 29 July 2021 the Board of Directors of Snam approved the Policy for managing dialogue with the Shareholders and other stakeholders to regulate the standard procedures for Engagement, as well as the dialogue between the Board of Directors and Stakeholders on issues within the Board’s competence, in line with the recommendations of the New Corporate Governance Code, which the Company has adopted, with the engagement policies adopted by institutional investors, proxy advisors and active managers, and with international best practices.

Pursuant to the Policy for managing dialogue with the Shareholders and other stakeholders, when managing dialogue the Company adopts the following general principles:

  • the principle of transparency of the information provided as part of the Dialogue, whereby the information provided should be clear, complete, correct, true and not misleading;
  • the principle of equal treatment of the holders of financial instruments issued by Snam;
  • compliance with current laws and regulations, as well as internal governance rules, ensuring in any case the application of the principles of cooperation and transparency with the supervision authorities and competent administrations.
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