Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Good corporate governance is important to Snam. The company is committed to maintain and strengthen its corporate governance in line with the highest standards. Snam’s governance is designed to handle the complex situations in which it operates and to achieve sustainable growth.

Snam’s corporate governance system ecompasses the rules  and methodologies for planning, management and control that enable the company to function. The corporate governance system was defined by Snam’s Board of Directors:

  • in compliance with the rules to which the company is subject as a listed Issuer
  • in compliance with the Italian Code of Corporate Governance
  • in line with the national and international best practice that the company strives to achieve

This system is based on certain key principles, such as proper, transparent business management implemented through the identification of information flows between corporate bodies and an efficient definition of the internal control and risk management system, as well as the adoption of an enterprise risk management system. This consists of rules, procedures and organisational structures aimed at identifying, measuring, managing and monitoring the main risks that could affect the achievement of the company’s strategic objectives.

Snam uses a traditional management and control system. The Bylaws set out the duties and activities of the following corporate bodies:

  • Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Statutory Auditors


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