Governance and Conduct

"Snam has strengthened its anti-corruption safeguards and worked to raise employee awareness of how to identify and prevent corruption"

"Snam's remuneration system is aligned with international best pratice, complies with legislation and supports Snam's ability to meet growth objectives."

"Snam anti-corruption procedure deemend "absolute excellence" by Transparency International"

icona external assessment

snam anti-corruption procedure deemed as an "absolute excellence" by Transparency International Italy

Snam achieved full scores from Transparency International Italy for its proactivity and transparency in teh communication of anti-corruption programmes and activities.

icona Remuneration report
Separazione di Italgas da Snam

Drawn up by Snam’s compensation committee, the 2017 Remuneration Report presents the company’s latest policy on board and executive compensation.

icona Control and risks
Controllo e rischi

The control, risks and related parties transactions committee supports board decisions regarding internal control and risks management

icona board composition
consiglio di amministrazione

Snam’s list voting mechanism ensures the presence of directors nominated by minority shareholders and compliance with gender representation criteria.

rapporto con i terzi

Snam requires not only competence and professionalism from suppliers but also adherence to company values and business principles.

Snam's Governance and conduct

Snam's Governance and conduct



In line with the national and international best practices, Snam has adopted a procedure for reporting any irregularities that guarantees anonymity

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