Market abuse compliance

Market abuse compliance

Control market abuse

Snam ensures proper processing of price-sensitive information in order to protect all investors and avoid that subjects may make use of information not in the public domain to make speculative transactions on the markets

Snam’s Board of Directors approved the market abuse guideline. This compliance effort combines and co-ordinates the market abuse rules and principles that Snam and its related parties must adhere.

The Guidelines describe the principles and rules relating in particular to:
- the identification, management and communication of Inside Information; 

- the keeping and updating of the list of people who have access to Relevant Information and people who have access to Inside Information; 

-  the information obligations and related conduct: (a) the completion of transactions involving shares or debt instruments issued by the Company or derivatives and other related financial instruments, as well as – where applicable – emission allowances, auctioned products based thereon or to derivatives relating thereto, by those who discharge administrative or control duties or by persons closely associated with them; and (b) transactions concerning Company shares or other related financial instruments carried out, even by intermediaries, by those who hold Company shares amounting to 10% of the share capital, as well as by any other subject that controls the Company (“internal dealing”)

The Market Abuse Guideline applies to Snam and its subsidiaries.
The company's foreign subsidiaries may adopt the Guideline so long as it is adapted to respect local laws.

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