Third-party relationships

Third-party relationships

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Snam is deeply connected to its supply chain. In fact, suppliers of goods and services are increasingly an integral part of the business model and their direct involvement in development and maintenance processes for the infrastructure networks mean they contribute to value creation.

Snam requires not only competence and professionalism from its suppliers but also that they also adhere to the company’s values and business principles. For this reason, in selecting suppliers, Snam operates with care and diligence, starting from its analysis of applications and the qualification process itself.

Elements assessed during the qualification process include:

  • Technical and management capacity
  • Economic and financial reliability
  • Ethical requirements
  • Commitment to Anti-corruption
  • Environmental protection and stewardship
  • Promotion of healthy and safe working conditions
  • Absence of forced or child labour

Suppliers are required to show, through contractual documentation, that they are familiar with Snam’s Model 231 and the principles of its Code of Ethics: in this way, Snam can ensure they comply with workplace safety, health and environmental protection regulations and international standards on labour rights.

For the most critical types of goods, procedures include more stringent qualification requirements such as a supplier having certified management systems compliant with international standards.


The qualification process is part of Snam’s broader vendor management system, which also includes the monitoring of suppliers through audits, inspections and assessments of their services. This process is prepared with the help of units responsible for contract management.

The system is designed to safeguard the supply chain’s sustainability: Snam may place under observation, limit, suspend or revoke the qualification of suppliers that fail to comply with agreed standards.
In order to commit suppliers and subcontractors to comply with its standings, Snam has drawn up an Ethics and Integrity Agreement, which represents a precautionary measure to avoid risks related to criminal activity and corruption. Vendors wishing to receive contract awards from Snam and its subsidiaries, either directly or indirectly, must first formally accept this agreement. In so doing, supplies and subcontractors ensure that their conduct reflects principles of loyalty, transparency and fairness and other ethical behaviour rules outlined in Snam’s Code of Ethics.

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