Minutes and Documents

Minutes and Documents

Snam S.p.A. -
Head Office: Piazza Santa Barbara, No. 7,
San Donato Milanese (MI)
Company share capital euro 3,571,187,994.00, fully paid up
Milan Companies Register
Tax Identification Number - VAT Number 13271390158
R.E.A. Milan No. 1633443
A subsidiary of eni S.p.A.

Shareholders’ Meeting Resolutions

The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Snam S.p.A. held on 30 July, 2012
1) to eliminate the indication of the nominal value of the ordinary shares that
make up the share capital, previously equal to €1.00, leaving the nominal value
of said shares unstated;
2) to cancel 189,549,700 treasury shares with no nominal value held by the
Company, maintaining the current share capital unchanged;
3) consequently to amend the art. 5.1 of the Bylaws.

Documents to be distributed

The Minutes of the meeting will be made available, under law provisions, at the
registered office of the company, the company’s website www.snam.it, the Borsa
Italiana S.p.A. (www.borsaitaliana.it) and may be requested by e-mail at the
following address: segreteriasocietaria@snam.it.
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