How meetings are held

How meetings are held

Shareholders’ Meeting Regulation

Shareholder participation is a central strategic element of corporate governance. To this end, Snam maintains dialogue with major institutional investors and proxy advisors to understand their expectations and perceptions.

Shareholders’ meetings are corporate meetings between Snam’s management and shareholders. In order to get shareholders actively involved in the company, Snam has introduced measures (including revisions to its bylaws) to make it easier for shareholders to exercise their rights and encourage them to participate in decision-making through these meetings.

Snam’s bylaws provide for a combined notice of meeting (single call) for both the ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings. The right to attend the shareholders' meetings is governed by law, the Bylaws, the shareholders' meeting regulations and the provisions contained in the notice of meeting.

Those with voting rights may be represented by written proxy within the legal limits; notice of this proxy may be given by certified email.

Shareholders may ask questions about agenda items both prior to and during the meeting. Questions arriving before the shareholders' meeting will be answered during the meeting, at the latest. The information is provided in observance of the rules for price-sensitive information.

The shareholders’ meeting is governed by regulations that require that they are held in an orderly and functional manner and guarantee the right of each attending shareholder to state his or her opinion on the items under discussion.

Snam also encourages initiatives inspired by EU guidelines on the drafting of stewardship codes, i.e. principles for managers, investors and advisers on transparent voting, monitoring investee companies and managing conflicts of interest.

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