• Where can I send my CV?

    You can send your Curriculum Vitae on our Careers portal. Once we get your CV, it will be loaded into our database.

  • What happens when I send in my CV?

    Your CV will be loaded into our database. Should your details fit our professional requisites and a suitable position become vacant, we will contact you for more information. We recommend that you regularly check our web site to stay updated on new vacancies.

  • I am a university student and I would like to apply for an internship with Snam. What should I do?

    The internship in Snam is a training experience that allows students interested in our business to get in touch with our reality. Our internships include a company tutor who mentors students in their educational and professional activity throughout the internship. For more info see the dedicated page.

  • What prospects does Snam offer?

    Snam offers a complete professional growth programme, where in-depth knowledge of the business plays an important role. This course is integrated with continual training and opportunities for in-house mobility (changes in role, company department or area). Assessment of performance, potential and experience help us to outline areas for improvement, the basis for structure of a programme to further develop your capacities. One of our objectives is to make the most of our people, developing their strategic competences.

  • I have just finished high school and want to work with you. Which are the requisites?

    We are always looking for brilliant young graduates to join the Group. We are looking for people with a diploma in Environmental and Territory Construction Technician, a scientific high school of applied sciences or a technical expert (computer, mechanical, mechatronic, electronic and electrotechnical), dynamic and proactive oriented towards relationships, teamwork and cooperation, available for mobility and preferably with an age between 19 and 29 years.

  • I have just graduated from university and want to work with you. Which are the requisites?

    As the main operator in the European market in the transportation and storage of natural gas, with an infrastructure capable of enabling the energy transition, Snam is the ideal landing place for young dynamic graduates, oriented towards cooperation, who know how to put their uniqueness and professionalism at the service of a working group, of the common vision of a great reality that faces an important challenge: to boost sustainable development that creates value and well-being for our economies, communities and the environment.

    At Snam, there are no ideal requirements, we are looking for people who share our energy, our values and want to get involved to shape a better future together.

  • What's the selection process about?

    All selection processes are managed by the Human Resources Department which manages the phases in their entirety, from the collection of needs by the line to the insertion of the resource, in compliance with the D&I Recruiting Policy and guaranteeing everyone the same opportunities.

    The selection process is divided into four main steps: analysis of applications based on the vacant position; cognitive and motivational telephone interview; technical-cognitive interviews and virtual assessment; hiring proposal and onboarding.

    To see all our opportunities visit the Career Portal!

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