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The energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation, which must be accompanied by the necessary skills. We are therefore focusing heavily on creating synergies between businesses and the world of education, universities and research. We are continuing to train our employees through the Snam Institute, together with numerous engagement and welfare initiatives.


Paola Boromei
Executive Vice President Human Resources, Organization & PFM

The primary elements of our actions are the growth and the empowerment of our people, the protection of health and safety and the development of a positive working environment that can offer equal opportunities based on merit. Snam is committed to developing the skills of its management and employees, involving its own personnel so that they can take an active part in company improvement processes.

The recent integration between the four gas regulated businesses has highlighted yet again how the people of Snam Group will be the main players in the company’s processes and developments: dynamic and proactive subjects committed to playing their part in the Group’s future.

Browse this section for further information about Snam’s working environment, about joining the team and taking part in its evolution.

Values and objectives

We are a large and reliable Italian company, with about 3,000 people and with a widespread presence throughout Italy.


Career paths

Career planning at Snam takes place along a growth path, where an in-depth understanding of the business plays a key role.


Remuneration policy

Among Snam S.p.A.'s company objectives are the increase in the value of Human Capital and the development of individuals’ strategic expertise.


Initiatives for employees

Snam Rete Gas Group promotes social welfare initiatives for its employees and their relatives, offering economic resources and specific facilities.


What our People say about us

Our people talk about themselves and about Snam. Recruitment process, first days in the Group, training, and development path.


Information for students

Each year Snam S.p.A. promotes a series of initiatives aimed at spreading its image among young people.


Alternanza scuola lavoro

Snam has joined the initiative "Alternanza scuola lavoro" (school-work alternation programme) with the project Young Energy, for third-year, fourth-year and fifth-year high scool students.


Snam Senza Frontiere

"Work together, win together" is the philosophy overarching the initiative. Involving both Snam and its affiliates abroad, Snam Senza Frontiere not only fosters interaction but let our people meet and have fun together.


Workplace healt promotion

Snam Group has joined the initiative called Workplace Health Promotion, promoted by Regione Lombardia with the aim of improving the quality of people’s life through implementing a series of good practice guides.

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