La Buona Scuola” is the name of the law 107 of 2015: the goal is to gain work experiences and be aware of employment. Snam has joined the programme and will offer to students of selected high schools the opportunity to meet the Company.



Young Energy is our programme modelled on the “Alternanza scuola lavoro” framework (school-work alternation). The project is aimed at third-year, fourth-year and fifth-year high school students.


"The aim of this project is to introduce youngsters to professional life, by encouraging them to meet a Company and giving them guidance and training tools that they can use in their professional future. At the same time, this programme will allow us to attract young talents and give to some of them a concrete work opportunity.".
P. Boromei, EVP HR&Organization Snam


The project has several objectives:

  • help students discern their path after high school diploma
  • let students meet a big industrial Italian company
  • provide information about energy sources and the use of natural gas
  • offer an opportunity of a joint educational-working experience delivered in one of our facilities in the Country.


Who is involved?

  • 6
  • About 500


The programme specifically involves Southern Italy, an area in which the Company is significantly investing. The region with the greatest number of involved institutes is Apulia. Snam Young Energy involves students also in Campania, Calabria, Lombardy, Sardinia and Sicily.

Browse the page about the project on the Ministry of Education, University and Research web site.


The students will take part in a presentation about Snam and its operations. The material would focus on key elements such as sustainability, safety, energetic transition and industry 4.0.

Fourth-year students will have the possibility to take part in guided tours at our Company. Eventually, the best students will be selected for an internship at Snam, with the aim to develop business-related practical skills.

Fifth-year students will be involved in classroom activities aimed at acquiring soft skills and in employment guiding services, then they will test themselves on project works strictly related to the business.

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