Employee survey

Employee survey 

Engage employees to create an improvement path analyzing overall work experience in Snam and the different perceptions of roles and colleagues. This is the aim of Snam periodical climate survey, which in 2016 was participated by 5,094 of 6,218 Snam employees (82%), who were asked to answer about 16 thematic categories, as to verify engagement level and foster people’s involvement and positive working environment. The results exceeded the previous editions, showing Snam people's will to participate and express their own opinions.

Surveys, mainly focusing on cooperation, performance management, growth opportunity and diversity management, contribute to fill the possible gaps revealed by the analysis.

Two training projects, “Energienglish” and “Performance Management”, have been organized as a result of previous examinations.


The Energienglish Project

energienglish The Energienglish Project offers to Snam people the opportunity to take an online English course, based on a self-study programme, which includes features such as grammar guides, translators and fun exercises personalized on the basis of each person’s skill level.

With a view to the Group's internationalization, the Energienglish Project also includes two courses for employees who need advanced language skills. These courses may include group conversation lessons with native speaker trainers, individual six-month courses and opportunities to study abroad.


More about Energienglish - video

Performance Management

performance A new performance management aims at aligning individual performances and company’s targets; building a link between performances and awards; encouraging responsibility and feedback; enhancing development and strategic management of resources.

The goal is to allow employees to be at the core of company’s results and to demonstrate their skills, ash highlighted in previous surveys.


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