Engagement survey

Engagement survey

A constructive dialogue with all our people

Involving, making all our people participate and making them feel part of a large Group are the objectives that guide the initiatives dedicated to Snam employees. A specific KPI in the ESG scorecard was also defined for this.

In continuity with the listening initiatives (engagement survey), to further strengthen the commitment of attention and care towards people, in 2021 a dedicated committee was introduced which allowed - especially during the emergency period in which the presence physics has failed - to work on maintaining a strong sense of community that has always distinguished Snam.


Engage employees to create an improvement path analyzing overall work experience in Snam and the different perceptions of roles and colleagues.

This is the aim of Snam periodical and anonymous engagement survey, to verify engagement level and foster people's involvement and positive working environment and the large participation recorded shows Snam people's will to participate and express their own opinions.

The processing of the surveys contributes to build an improvement path that aims to fill the gaps that emerged from the analysis. By macro-areas, the main lines of action are: cooperation, performance management, growth opportunities and diversity management.

The steps:

  • Survey
  • Sharing of the results
  • Implementation of action plans


As result of the surveys, catalog training courses for the development of skills and the "Performance Management" which aims to define individual performance targets in continuity with those of the company, among others, were structured.



After the "Let's improve together" questionnaire, which collected contributions throughout the company, based on the areas for improvement that emerged from the voices of Snam people, top management identified 10 priority initiatives to be implemented, involving around 100 people in addition to members of the Leadership Team. The areas for improvement were the subject of a series of in-depth analyzes through live and virtual focus groups, which involved more than 1,700 people from different business areas and who covered four main areas:
- delegation
- definition of priorities
- organizational and communication transparency
- enhancement of transversal skills


The online questionnaire was answered by 5,094 of the 6,218 Snam employees (82% of the people in the group), questioned on 16 thematic categories to verify the level of engagement and identify the circumstances that favor the involvement of people and a positive atmosphere at work.


Three quarters of the more than 6,000 employees participated, over half of whom are between 45 and 55 years old. Following the results of the analysis, Snam has planned a series of workshops to involve hundreds of employees in defining an action plan useful for providing adequate responses to the requests that emerged from the survey.


Snam in first place as Italy's Best Employer

Snam is confirmed in first place in the "networks, energy, water and distribution" category, in the Top Job - Italy's Best Employer 2021/2022 ranking.

The research rewards employers on topics such as corporate culture and values, professional development, growth prospects and sustainability. The study was carried out on the basis of the results of social listening through which online citations are detected on social media, job portals, blogs and forums, analyzing the tone of voice of all users who mention the company.

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