Initiatives in favour of employees

Initiatives in favour of employees

Through the years, a system of opportunities has been developed which includes integrated health care and insurance for accidents both in and out of the workplace. Employees can benefit from complementary pension funds, rewards for 25 years work in the company and health and safety campaigns.

In Snam Rete Gas, the individual employee can take advantage of benefits that improve their everyday life, for example, discounts on sports centre membership or car hire schemes.

The company is also involved in the welfare project, creating a service system to improve the quality of life, in terms of family and child care, the preservation of good mental and physical health, taking charge of daily tasks which are taxing in terms of time and money, the organization of leisure activities, and arts and cultural initiatives.

    For employees children focused recreational activities, sport and formative laboratory for young boys; study of English and sport/adventure dimension for adolescents.
    All the employees are insured for professional and non professional accidents.
    Changing direction is easy if someone shows us the way: the company values engender Snam’s subscription to WHP program.
    Possibility to subscribe to selected gyms and wellness centre.
    Snam realizes specialization programs addressed to the sons of the Group’s employees, organizing periodic meetings on the whole of the national territory.



Smart working, strengthened during the Covid-19 pandemic, is currently extended to almost all employees, whose activities can be managed remotely, in hybrid mode with working in presence. Through smart working, Snam allows its people to better reconcile personal and professional needs and above all to work with greater autonomy, promoting orientation towards objectives and entrepreneurship. The tool aims to introduce an agile, mobile and digital office model capable of improving people's work-life balance, reducing their travel and environmental impact, while supporting collaboration between colleagues and the circulation of information even between distant locations. For this purpose, Snam has enhanced the technology made available to people - from remote intranet connection to instant messaging - to ensure full operation without logistical constraints and evolving towards the "digital workplace" model.


Find out more about the initiatives in favour of our employees in the Sustainability area.



For Snam, placing employees at the center also means offering them a structured welfare experience that meets the needs of employees and their families, improving their quality of life. For this reason, a system for updating the Welfare offer was developed, in line with company values, which allows the basket of services dedicated to employees to be modulated periodically.

Welfare is the set of interventions, both of a monetary nature and in the form of services, which increases the level of social protection and the purchasing power of employees with the aim of satisfying the needs of the different groups of the company population. In order to ensure a better browsing experience and better direct the employee to choose the most appropriate benefit, a welfare assistant has been activated, as a single point of contact and mediator between personal needs and corporate welfare responses.

The Welfare Plan is developed on a digital platform called "Snammy", renewed in 2021, and is structured in five macro areas of intervention: Family and Education, Health and Care, Wellbeing and work-life balance, Finance and savings, Social Commitment.


Snam people benefit from supplementary pension funds provided for in the contract, and there is also a free assistance service for processing the 730 online. Colleagues who turn 25 in the company are recipients of jubilee awards. Non-executive personnel can adhere to flexible benefits, through participation bonuses or contractually provided vouchers, which increase the purchasing power of employees, and can be spent on goods and services within a wide range of businesses and in supplementary pensions. In addition to these services, there are subsidized loans with major credit institutions and the portal of purchase agreements.

We recognize the importance of family ties and the well-being of minors, our offer basket includes care and parenting services including summer camps for the children of employees in some locations in Italy and abroad with activities by the sea and in the mountains . The reimbursement of the registration fee for the nursery schools for the children of employees is foreseen, up to a maximum threshold, and further concessions such as school loans and purchase of school books. Finally, Snam participates in the “Be parents” project, to allow “parent” employees to enhance their new skills. Webinars on topical issues, including cyber bullying, are then normally scheduled.


Snam cyclically proposes and updates, in the dedicated area, the Bodies supported by the Snam Foundation, registered in the lists of the Revenue Agency for the 5x1000 contribution. During the holiday periods (Christmas and Easter), colleagues can choose to give a special value to their gifts, giving support to those who need it, choosing from the many proposals offered by the Bodies. To promote and enhance the social commitment of its people, volunteer programs of competence and online relationship volunteering are implemented, accompanied by payroll giving campaigns.


Snam is attentive to the care and health of its employees and family members. In addition to the health conventions and cancer prevention programs agreed with LILT, the Covid-19 swab and serological request service has been active since 2020. Snam recognizes a set of agreements with certified medical facilities, distributed throughout the country, capable of providing medical services to support employees and their families, in addition to the supplementary health funds provided for in the contract.


To meet the needs of work-life balance, welfare services are provided to protect the physical and emotional wellbeing of the person. These include the "re-charge" program, active since February 2022, which includes, among other things, mindfulness sessions and webinars on nutrition. Agreements are available with fitness centers throughout the country and services aimed at facilitating the employee's home-work mobility. Smartworking, enhanced during the Covid-19 pandemic, also with a view to promoting the balance between private and professional life, has been the subject of an important trade union agreement and is currently extended to almost all employees, in hybrid mode with work in presence.

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