Remuneration policy

Remuneration policy


Among Snam S.p.A.'s company objectives are the increase in the value of Human Capital and the development of individuals’ strategic expertise.

Merit is the principle which underpins operating and rewarding actions both in terms of professional development, and as regards career opportunities and at the same time is a reference parameter so that people management meets the criteria of fairness and sustainability.

To this end, differentiated remuneration policies have been defined in relation to performances and professional and managerial expertise, structured so as to recognise, within the reference remuneration markets, the responsibilities assigned, the results achieved, the quality of the professional contribution and the potential for personal development.

In addition, in order to support new company initiatives, reward policies for geographic mobility have been updated in order to help and motivate staff that are moving and retain managers and those with a high level of know-how.

Targeted remuneration policies have also been defined for young graduates, with the objective of retaining and developing the most promising ones.

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