Values and objectives

Values and objectives



A company in continuos evolution

We are a large and reliable Italian company, with more than 3,000 people. Our business model is based on sustainable growth and the enhancement of our own know-how, on ethics and transparency, on development of territories and dialogue with communities.

Today, our task is to plan the future: the challenge is to guide the sector's evolution through cutting-edge technologies for an increasingly clean world. To do this we must continue to evolve, cultivating our spirit of pioneers.

We build energy infrastructures and offer integrated services.

For over 80 years we have been committed to doing our job of building high-tech energy networks that unite people and communities well. We look to the future and work on long-term projects together with thousands of partners, contributing to the economic and social development of the countries in which we operate. We follow an ethical and socially responsible business model, able to generate value for all our stakeholders through a recognized professionalism and transparent dialogue with the territories in which we operate.

We are committed to ensuring safety, taking care of the environment and giving opportunities for growth to our people.

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  • We connect to build opportunities
  • We shape the future
  • We support a changing world
  • We promote the security
  • Being part of a network that unites and supports

  • Growing together facing new challenges in a fair environment

  • Continue to be pioneers of our future

  • Be proud of the value we create for the territories

We are the connective tissue of our sector, we build energy networks, technology and humanity that embrace Italy and unite the continents.

We are aware that working together is essential for making ideas flow and multiplying opportunities. We build inclusive links between ourselves and the others for connect the world, community after community.

We complete long-term projects, impressive and complex, helping to outline the economic and cultural scenario of tomorrow.

Our skills, combined with the experience in the energy infrastructures, allow us to have a bigger overview and guide a wider system.

We have the responsibility to imagine and shape a future that will go beyond us, all together.

We play an essential role for the sustainable development of our economies, for the environment and for the entire society in an ethical and transparent way.

We are evolving ourselves with the changing world, like our infrastructures are integrating with the territory.

That means that we are in the forefront of energy transition and infrastructure's development, always ensuring opportunities of growth to our people.

We are committed to ensuring safety.

We combine the process with real progress, we operate with a safety way, we take care of the communities and the environment in which we live, providing to the Europe the energy it needs.

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