What our People say about us

Our people talk about themselves and about Snam.
Recruitment process, first days in the Group, training, and development path.

Paola Rocchetti

Paola Rocchetti - Snam Rete Gas

I’ve been working at Snam for 13 years and until 2014 I managed the development projects of the gas national transportation network, the largest in Europe. Moving across Italy...

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Michela Schizzi

Michela Schizzi - Snam

My name is Michela Schizzi. I am 31 and have been working at Snam for two and a half years, in the area of legal and contractual counsel for acquisitions, particularly abroad. I joined Snam in January 2012, right when the company began to launch its ...

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Antonio Menna

Antonio Menna - Snam

My name is Antonio Menna, I have a degree in Management Engineering from the University of Bologna and have been working at Snam for about ten months. I was placed in Regulatory Affairs, more specifically in the foreign regulations office...

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Fabio Toniolo

Fabio Toniolo - Stogit

My name is Fabio Toniolo, I am 22 and work at Stogit. I am an operator and my specific role is expert operator, which is a multi-discipline figure that works in the instrument, mechanical and electrical field. My career with the company began when I was hired on 14...

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Corrado Balbiano

Corrado Balbiano - Snam Rete Gas

My name is Corrado Balbiano, I am 44, I work in the Snam Group since 1991 and particularly in network maintenance and operations. My career with the company began in 1991, when I was employed at the North-West District in the role of station...

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Eleonora Bosco

Eleonora Bosco - Snam Rete Gas

I am Eleonora Bosco, 30 years old and I work for Snam Rete Gas as the manager of the operations centre in Montebelluna. I graduated in 2008 from Milan Politecnico and I am an environmental engineer. In the same...

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