My name is Antonio Menna, I have a degree in Management Engineering from the University of Bologna and have been working at Snam for about ten months. I was placed in Regulatory Affairs, more specifically in the foreign regulations office, where we work on the study and analysis of European regulatory principles.

I joined Snam last September for an internship as part of a Master in Energy, Environment and Communication, in which Snam was a partner. I have always been interested in the energy sector; in fact, even during my university studies, I always tried to focus my study programmes on energy subjects. The Master, besides providing me with the main tools for working in this sector, also dealt in a major way with the aspect of communication, which is a subject of growing importance in a sector undergoing such great renewal as this one.

The company’s support was felt right from the outset, through its training activities for new graduates. Like for example the various accounts or field trips. These activities not only provided me with basic information on Snam’s business, but also enabled me to make contact with other people who were going through the same work experience as me.

Right from the initial phases of the internship, I was closely followed by my tutor and my superiors, who immediately involved me in all of the office activities, making me instantly feel comfortable. Working in an international company like Snam and in an ever-changing sector such as that of gas provides major motivation both in terms of personal growth and of a highlevel career prospect.

To young new graduates such as myself, who are looking for jobs, I feel I can advise them to identify a sector of interest and focus their attention on this sector by carefully choosing a Master and internship.

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13 August 2021 - 11:59 CEST