Hi! I'm Chiara and I'm one of the new colleagues who have joined the team from remote.

I have been one of the first in Snam to carry out the entire selection process, from the first interview to my placement, completely from remote.

Starting to work in this way was certainly a great challenge for me, but today it is allowing me to take part in even greater challenges related to the great transformation that we are undergoing, and to participate first-hand in the provision of a new form of energy in Europe.

I'm in charge of a geographical area, and so in a typical day I dedicate myself to trying to develop projects or create synergies between different opportunities available, to promote the growth of my area. To do this, I work closely with colleagues who, on the other hand, manage developments in vertical technologies, such as Edoardo, who is focused on mobility.

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21 July 2022 - 19:12 CEST