My name is Fabio Toniolo, I am 22 and work at Stogit. I am an operator and my specific role is expert operator, which is a multi-discipline figure that works in the instrument, mechanical and electrical field.

My career with the company began when I was hired on 14 December 2010. I spent the first two months in the classroom, at the Stogit operational headquarters in Crema, to learn about Stogit’s business: from the fields to the pits area, the plant operations and the laws and regulations that govern us. Once we had passed a short test, we began the technical courses on maintenance activities. Each period in the classroom was followed by another of coaching and practice in the work area.

At the same time, I also began to visit the Snam Rete Gas stations to understand the “ RADICA" maintenance operating system and how to use a PDA. This stage lasted about one year and later I was transferred to the Brugherio station, where I am still working. The training period, however, was not over: I learned how to use travelling cranes, forklift trucks and truck cranes.

My working day begins with a briefing with all of my co-workers, during which we talk about the activities to be carried out; after that I check the scheduled activities on my PDA and get organised for the day.

All activities are carried out in the utmost safety, which is a Snam prerogative. Let me give you an example regarding an activity on an electric motor: the motor box, in the electric cabinet, is always sectioned and visible with special signs. That Snam’s prerogative is its employees can be seen in all of the welfare services we are offered. Another great opportunity we are given, now in its second year running, is the English course which I am currently attending. For all of the maintenance activities I carry out, I always interface with the supervisor, which is the figure designated to guarantee the safety of the plants and of the workers in particular.

Snam is a reliable group that continues to invest in its own resources and thanks to its financial soundness continues to nourish all its employees’ extra-professional aspirations. Not many 22 year olds, especially in the current climate we are experiencing, can say they are not a burden on their parents, and that makes me feel very proud.

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