My name is Michela Schizzi, I am 31 and have been working at Snam for two and a half years, in the area of legal and contractual counsel for acquisitions, particularly abroad. I joined Snam in January 2012, right when the company began to launch its internationalisation processes, the challenge of the Snam group abroad.

It was quite a radical change for me because I came from a different experience, in consultancy. I chose Snam not only for the company but also to get into a different line of work. The reasons that led me to consider leaving freelance work for company life were strong personal ones; mainly related to curiosity and the desire to really understand what makes a client seek a legal opinion. My intention was to get closer to business, to understand its needs and its operating modes.

The other consideration was based on the will and desire to enhance my skills in aspects that were not strictly legal. In fact, working in a company and particularly here in Snam enables you to encounter and see aspects of company business that are not strictly or necessarily linked to the work you do or to your abilities. And this allows you to learn more and broaden your knowledge, thus creating enrichment that is more personal that professional. And I must say that after two and a half years, those reasons for choosing company life and Snam have been completely satisfied by the work I do here.

For me, Snam was one of the reasons why I decided to move into a company. I had had the good fortune in my previous consultancy job to deal with the energy market and especially infrastructure markets. I had developed a sort of passion for it, being a really interesting market that combines both technical and engineering skills, geo-political elements and legal aspects of regulation and legislation. It is actually a context that is exciting in all of its great complexity and one in which Snam is clearly a main player not just on an Italian but on an international level.

As far as I am concerned, having just joined the company in 2012, I was lucky enough to be instantly involved in this process of internationalisation which was then in its initial stage. So I had the privilege of being able to follow this evolution right from its outset. And I have had the pleasure, in these two and a half years, of witnessing for example the acquisition made in France, the acquisitions made in Britain and the strategic alliance with Fluxys.

This chance to forge a relationship also with co-workers from different nations and fields is a really great opportunity for professional and personal growth, which I think in Snam is one of the major benefits at this time.

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13 August 2021 - 11:57 CEST