Work environment

Work environment

Work environment

Snam's headquarters are in San Donato Milanese, in an area known as Metanopoli. The "city of methane", commissioned by Enrico Mattei on the outskirts of Milan, is in a strategic position because it is at the crossroads of the main access infrastructures to the Lombard capital: it is a few hundred meters from the A1 highway, from Via Emilia, from the Tangenziale Est, from Linate airport and is easily reachable also by Metro 3 subway (San Donato station).

Conceived with avant-garde urban criteria and according to the philosophy of the company village that aimed at integrating workers, employees and managers into a single reality, today Metanopoli mostly preserves its original appearance, with low houses surrounded by gardens and tree-lined avenues. According to a vision that Enrico Mattei was able to transmit over 50 years ago, architecture and nature alternate and merge showing a coherent coexistence of living and working and highlighting the great attention paid to the wellfare of employees.

The three main buildings of the Snam headquarters are known as "Inso", from the name of the company that built them. These are three floors buildings entirely covered in glass. Inside, in the executive offices, the rounded lines guide the choice of furnishing elements. Even the wall coverings have been created customized and along the entire design path flows the square element, folded to follow the curved shape of the walls.

Next to the historical offices of Piazza Santa Barbara, between San Donato Milanese, Milan and Codogno there are also others (including the building in via Maastricht and "Torre Beta" in San Donato, and the one in via Avezzana in Milan). In Piazza Santa Barbara there is also the Dispatching center, a strategic infrastructure created in the 60s for the management of gas flows. From its operating room, through a large videowall of about 50 square meters, are monitored and remote controlled, 24 hours on 24, 365 days a year, the main gas pipelines and compressor stations of the Italian gas system. Overall more than 1,100 people work in the Milan area.

The offices of the operational companies are located in Italy and perform management functions, local coordination through the districts, and management and maintenance functions through operating centres.

About 2,000 people work in the transportation sector and are divided between San Donato Milanese (for the directional functions and dispatching), the eight districts (with offices in Bari, Bologna, Misterbianco, Naples, Padova, Rome, San Donato Milanese and Turin), 48 maintenance centers and 11 compressor plants (Enna, Gallese, Istrana, Malborghetto, Masera, Melizzano, Messina, Montesano, Poggio Renatico, Tarsia and Terranuova Bracciolini).

About 60 people work in the regasification plant in Panigaglia (La Spezia).

In storage, 60 people work between the Crema headquarters and the storage sites of Bordolano, Brugherio, Cortemaggiore, Fiume Treste, Minerbio, Ripalta, Sabbioncello, Sergnano, Settala.


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