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Being part of Snam means inspiring and leading the energy evolution in Europe, aware of the great value that one's work has for the whole community. It requires excellent professionalism and competence, combined with a deep-rooted aptitude for innovation and evolution.

"Innovation" because at Snam we continually refine our know-how, the result of a unique history and experience in our sector, in ambitious, vast and long-term projects, and we invest in people, their skills and their training, continually building and renewing the foundations for an ever cleaner world.

"Evolution" because at Snam we focus everything on the transformation potential that innovation and excellence, together with ethics and transparency, can release when they are activated and put into circulation. Cultivating our attitude to evolution enables us to translate individual skills and energies into a multiplier for all of Snam, for the networks and for the communities we work with.

This is the energy we seek: people capable of inspiring and being inspired, people who are proud of the value that their work can bring inside and outside the company, to the territories and to society. People who know how to look far, and who unite innovate, evolve, engage and mutually support each other.

People who know how to put their excellence and professionalism at the service of a work group, of the common vision of a great company that faces a great challenge: giving shape to a better future for all, an impulse for sustainable development that creates value and well-being for our economies, for communities and the environment.

This is the energy that inspires us, and that we seek in you. Our "energy to inspire the world".



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