Selection process

Selection process


Snam puts people at the center starting from the selection process, guaranteeing everyone the same opportunities.

If you are looking for a new challenge that allows you to develop without boundaries your talent, at Snam you will have the opportunity to make your contribution through important projects that will help to improve the life of the communities.

Passion for innovation, energy, adaptability, courage, flexibility, capability of inspiring and being inspired, this is the energy that inspires us and that we seek in our people.

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At Snam, all selection processes are managed by the Human Resources Department, which handles all phases in their entirety, from gathering information on what the departments need all the way through to placing the selected resource, taking into consideration the current and future needs of the company, budget and market conditions.

Specifically, the Line Managers, HRBPs and Talent Acquisition are responsible for ensuring compliance with the D&I Recruiting Policy, both within the company and externally, for each personnel search, during the entire selection and hiring process.


The phases of the selection process are:

1) Identifying a vacancy and writing a job description
While starting a search, it's very important to collect the characteristics for the person we're searching and to translate them into a clear and comprehensive job description.

2) Publishing the announcements
All our job announcements are available on the Snam Career portal and on the Snam LinkedIn page.

3) Screening
In the screening process, we look at candidates' profiles in terms of:

  • education, subject and results (especially for entry level positions)
  • previous work experience
  • language skills
  • qualifications and specialisations

If the profile seems suitable for the open position, we will contact the candidate to find out more about the information on the CV and carry out job interviews to assess previous experience, availability, soft and hard skills and interest in the position, following the applicant's career expectations.

4) Interviews
Each selection process includes one or more online interviews in which the Human Resources Department and business colleagues participate. When a candidate successfully passes the interviews, he/she will be contacted to define the next steps. In any case, we are committed to giving feedback within 2/3 months to all applicants.

5) Job Offer and Hiring
Once the most suitable candidate has been identified for the position sought, we proceed with the recruitment proposal which is consistent with the seniority and experience of the profile.


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