Thermal Year 2019/2020

GNL Italia informs you about the procedures and timelines of regasification capacity allocation at Panigaglia Terminal as provided by Chapter 5 and 8 of GNL Italia Regasification Code.
You can find hereinafter all necessary information to better figure out its legal framework.
Yearly regasification capacity applicant shall:
- send the Regasification Contract by the 5th working day before the date of the request submission;

- send guarantees, by 2 pm of the 2nd working day before the request submission;
- have access to PAR, the regasification capacity allocation platform, run by GME (for any further information get in touch with GME).
The Regasification Contract and the bank guarantees have to be sent by courier or registered post at the following address:

GNL Italia S.p.A.
Piazza Santa Barbara, 7
20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)
Unità Contratti di Accesso (CONT)
and documentation can be forwarded to the mailbox: richieste.capacita@snam.it  

Over Thermal Year 2019/2020 GNL Italia makes use of PAR, regasification capacity allocation platform, run by GME (Italian manager of energy markets), whose regulation has been approved by ARERA (the Italian authority for energy, network and environment

GNL Italia provides you with online templates in order to ease all communications for the request.

  • 01. Regasification Contract

  • 02. Annex 1 – declaration in lieu of notarised statement of the requisites to have access to the Regasification Service

  • 03. Annex 2 – declaration in lieu of power of attorney statement

    It is a copy of the power of attorney statement of the Client enclosed to the Regasification Contract

  • 04. Personal data disclosure

    Personal data disclosure

  • 05. Annex 7/A - Parent company guarantee

    It is the guarantee issued by the parent company in favour of its subsidiary, pursuant to article 2362 of the Italian Civil Code. The parent company submits a credit rating in order to meet invoicing obligations in name and on behalf of the applicant itself.

  • 06. Annex 7/B – Bank guarantee

  • 07. Annex 7/C – non bearable cash collateral

    It is the copy through which GNL ITALIA informs of the reception of the cash collateral received instead of a bank guarantee/parent company guarantee as referred in Annex 3 and 4 (bear in mind that the amount could wholly or partially cover the required guarantee).

  • 08. Capacity exchange with GNL Italia

    Is the form useful to exchange regasification capacity with GNL Italia.

  • 09. Capacity exchange among Users

    Is the form useful to exchange regasification capacity among Users.

  • 10. Capacity Trades

    Is the form useful to trade regasification capacity.

  • 10. Capacity Trades

    Is the form useful to trade regasification capacity.

You can find hereinafter further information to better figure out the regasification capacity allocation procedure within its legal framework.

  • Starting price calculation criteria

    Pursuant to article 7, paragraph 5 of TIRG Ai sensi dell’articolo 7, comma 5 del TIRG (Italian integrated text for the submission of gurantees to have access to LNG service) Annex A to resolution 660/2016/R/gas, you can find below the criteria for the calculation of the reserve price at the start of Thermal Year.

  • Details regarding “Criteri per il calcolo del prezzo di riserva per la capacità di rigassificazione ad inizio Anno Termico”

For any further information, please contact us:

Access Contract Office (CONT)

Manager: Daniele Agosto
Ph: 02 370 39043
Email: conferimento@snam.it

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