Regasification Code

Regasification Code

On 22nd May 2007, having checked its conformance with article 24 subsection 5 of Legislative Decree no. 164 of 23rd May 2000, the Authority for Electricity and Gas approved the Regasification Code prepared by GNL Italia through Resolution no. 115/07.

In accordance with article 2 of this Resolution, the Regasification Code comes into effect on 1st October 2007, except for the provisions on the capacity booking and service planning processes which come into effect on 30th May 2007 exclusively for the provisions necessary to manage these processes for the thermal years following 1st October 2007. 

The documents below are not binding and are provided by GNL Italia exclusively for information purposes. The Italian documents being the sole and unique legally valid reference and in any case prevailing over the translated version. GNL Italia will provide updates of the translation at any time as deemed necessary, also to improve and/or adjust the quality and/or content of the translation submitted and available on its website.

The chapters – including their attachments – that make up the Regasification Code are listed below (in pdf and doc versions). The references to the provisions of the Regasification Code are also indicated, in respect of the provisions laid down in article 3 of Resolution no. 115/07, with an indication of the dates on which they come into effect.

  • 1. Regulatory Environment

  • 2. Description of the LNG Terminal and its management

  •           Attachment 2A

  •           Attachment 2B

  •           Attachment 2C

  • 3. Description Service provided

  • 4. Information Exchange procedures

  • 5. Allocation of Regasification Capacity

  • 6. Process procedures authorising LNG carriers

  • 7. Financial guarantees insurance

  •           Attachment 7A

  •           Attachment 7B

  •           Attachment 7C

  • 8. Regasification Capacity Transaction

  • 9. Scheduling of LNG deliveries and Regasification activities

  • 10. Receiving, Storage and Regasification of LNG

  • 11. Measurement of the LNG delivered and Gas redelivered

  • 12. Quality of the LNG delivered and Gas redelivered

  • 13. Delivery of LNG and redelivery on Natural Gas

  • 14. Service Quality

  •           Attachment 14A

  • 15. Maintenance Planning and Management

  • 16. Operational Coordination

  • 17. Tax and customs requirements

  • 18. Invoicing and Payment

  • 19. Liability of the parties

  • 20. General Provisions

  • 21. Management of services Emergencies

  • 22. Methods for the transition from normal operating condition

  • 23. Amendment of the Regasification Code

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