Thermal Year 2013-2014 1 feb

Note: the booking processes for Hydrocarbon Storage Service and Balancing Service Storage will be managed according to the provisions of "Codice di Stoccaggio".
The publication and the deadlines for booking processes related to the other services are postponed as set in Art. 14 D.L. n. 1/2012, modified by Art. 38, comma 3, D.L. n. 83/2012 and will be later defined by Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico and Autorità per l'energia elettrica e il gas.


Febbruary 1st, 2013
      MSm 3 o MSm 3/d       GCV
   Mj/Sm 3/d
     MGJ o MGJ/d
Space for Hydrocarbon Storage Service           285,5         39,3           11,220
Space for other services           39,3  
Injection Capacity           39,3  
Withdrawal Capacity           39,3  

The GCV di 39,3 Mj/Sm 3 is conventional.

The Space for Strategic Storage Service is 4.480 MSm 3.

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