Thermal Year 2004-2005

Storage tariffs for the Thermal Year 2004-2005

The tariffs published below were determined by Stogit on the basis of article 8 of Resolution No. 26/02 dated February 27, 2002 (“Criteria for determining natural gas storage tariffs") issued by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, updating the tariffs of the 2003-2004 Thermal Year.

Like those of previous thermal years, these tariffs are subject to re-determination on the basis of the outcome of the legal proceeding initiated with the appeal to the Regional Administrative Court against Resolutions 26/02 and 49/02, still pending, as well as the "Application to review storage tariffs" submitted to the Authority by Stogit on 15 January 2004.

Stogit therefore reserves the right to request payment by shippers of any equalizations.

  f S  0,256101  €/GJ/year
  f P  10,099129  €/GJ/g/year
  f d  0,171085  €/GJ/year
  CVS  0,091449  €/GJ

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