Thermal Year 2005-2006

Storage tariffs for the Thermal Year 2005-2006

The tariffs published below were determined by Stogit on the basis of article 8 of Resolution No. 26/02 dated February 27 (“Criteria for determining natural gas storage tariffs") issued by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, updating the tariffs of the 2004-2005 Thermal Year.

Like those of previous thermal years, these tariffs are subject to re-determination by STOGIT in the case of total or partial abrogation of Resolutions 26/02 and 49/02 at the conclusion of the legal proceeding initiated with the appeal to the Regional Administrative Court of Lombardy lodged by Stogit against Resolutions 26/02 and 49/02, still pending.

Stogit therefore reserves the right to request payment by shippers of any equalizations.

  f S  0,253545  €/GJ/year
  f P  10,023386  €/GJ/g/year
  f d  0,174507  €/GJ/year
  CVS  0,090763  €/GJ

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