Year 2011

Storage tariffs

Following the Deliberation ARG/gas 21/10, 24th February 2010 that extends for the period 1 April 2010 - 31 December 2010 the validity of national tariffs, Stogit publishes the charges established by the Authority for electricity and gas and the approved σ S coefficients.

f S Space charge 0,189415€/GJ/anno
f PI    Injection charge 9,011258     €/GJ/day
f PE    Withdrawal charge 11,989093   €/GJ/day
CVS*    Commodity charge 0,085373     €/GJ
f D    Strategic charge 0,169729     €/GJ/year

* Corresponds to CVS-π


Coefficients σ Sfor the assigned withdrawal capacity in the injection phase


The coefficients are applied to f PE/5.

April 2,1
May 2,1
June 1,95
July 1,6
August 1,6
September 1,3
October 1,1


Percentage reduction of f PI e f PE for interruptibile capacity of Modulation Storage Service
                                                                                              Duration of assignment
   Entire phase  Monthly  Daily
f reduction PI 30% 20% 5%
% f reduction PE 30% 20% 5%



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