Storage Code

On 16th October 2006 the Authority for electricity and gas approved the Storage Code, with Resolution no. 220/06, prepared by Stogit, that therefore complies with article 24, sub-section 5, of the Law Decree 23 of May 2000, no. 164. 

Following you can find the updated document.

The documents below are not binding and are provided by Stogit exclusively for information purposes. The Italian documents being the sole and unique legally valid reference and in any case prevailing over the translated version. Stogit will provide updates of the translation at any time as deemed necessary, also to improve and/or adjust the quality and/or content of the translation submitted and available on its website.


Current Code

  • Storage Code - Resolution 156/2018/R/gas*

*Please refer to the Italian version of the Storage Code for the last update.

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