Consultation of Ten-Year Plan

The ten-year plan prepared in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Legislative Decree 93/2011 as modified by law 115 of 29 July 2015 and of Resolution 468/2018/R/GAS is published in this section.

Ten-Year Plan 2019-2028

Snam Rete Gas, as the largest transport company, in coordination with the other transmission system operators, pursuant to article 4.3 of resolution 468/2018/R/gas, in order to guarantee maximum participation in the consultation process of the 10-year plans of the transport operators, will organize a public online session, during which the main interventions contained in the Plans and the main scenario assumptions will be presented.

The date of the event and how to participate will be announced on Snam Rete Gas website.

The related consultation process has been launched by Authority through the publication on its website at the following link:



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