ten-year plan - snam rete gas

In this section are collected the information in compliance with the Article 16 of the Legislative Decree 93/11 (just like amendend by the law N 115 of 29/07/2015) and to resolution 351/2016/R/gas that establish the procedure through which the Operators of natural gas transmission networks operating in the country prepare their development plan of the natural gas transmission networks.


TEN-YEAR PLAN 2020-2029

Open Ten-Year Plan 2020-2029


TEN-YEAR PLAN 2019-2028

Open Ten-Year Plan 2019-2028


TEN-YEAR PLAN 2018-2027

Open Ten-Year Plan 2018-2027


TEN-YEAR PLAN 2017-2026

Open Ten-Year Plan 2017-2026


TEN-YEAR PLAN 2016-2025

Open Ten-Year Plan 2016-2025


TEN-YEAR PLAN 2015-2024

Open Ten-Year Plan 2015-2024


TEN-YEAR PLAN 2014-2023

Open Ten-Year Plan 2014-2023

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