Gas Balances

Definition of the allocation process at the Entry and Redelivery points using the Trading rules at the Entry and Exit points of the National network, the relations of correspondence at the City Gates and the allocation rules at the End customers’ sites connected to the transmission network. Daily accounting of the provisional gas transported, monthly balance and annual and long-term adjustment. Observations on the budgets.

What are the timelines for the definition of the allocation rules at the Entry Points to National Network (RN), Exit Points from the RN and the Redelivery Points of SRG?

For every details on the timelines, please refer to the following points:

- Entry Points RN: Chapter 9 of the Network Code, paragraph 4.3.1;

- Exit Points from RN: Chapter 9 of the Network Code, paragraph 4.3.2;

- Redelivery Points interconnected to End Customers: Chapter 9 of the Network Code, paragraph 4.3.3;

- Redelivery Points interconnected with distribution networks: Annex A to Resolution 229/2012/R/gas (Uniform Settlement Gas - TISG), Article 21.

What forms of guarantees can you present to cover the expenses arising from Transport and Balancing services?

Referring to the Balancing Regime, what happens in case of non-compliance of the condition EPSU <100% MEPSU?

Non-compliance with the condition EPSU <100% MEPSU involves:

- operations block on the Portale Capacità for the capacity booking;

- limitation of operations on the GME platforms MGS and M-Gas;

- limitation of operations relating to transactions of gas in storage at Stogit SpA;

- a block of selling transactions on PSV.

If, such condition lasts for 7 days in a row, the Transportation Contract will be terminated. For any further detail, please refer to Chapter 5 of the Network Code.

How can you access SRG Online Services?

To complete the registration to the SRG Online Services, you have to:

- fill out and send the "Modulo per l'Accesso" to SRG, which is within the document “ Annex B - Scheda di richiesta di abilitazione ai Portali SRG” that you can download at the following path: “Business & Services” → "Archive to Thermal Year 16/17" → "Thermal Year 2016 / 2017" → “Capacity booking and transactions”, by way of example the document link related to Thermal Year 2016/2017: http://www.snam.it/en/transportation/Thermal_Year_Archive/Thermal_Year_2016_2017/Capacity_booking_and_transactions/.

- carried out the online validation request, through the sheet of the Portal concerned (available at the following link: http://www.snam.it/en/transportation/Online_Processes/). The data must match the list of applicants included in the "Modulo per l'Accesso".

Snam Rete Gas reserves the right to refuse any requests that do not meet the requirements listed above.

As far as Portale Capacità, the online access is directly granted by Snam S.p.A.

The User is required to state in the articles of the Transportation Contract:

- The person who will be entitled to have power of attorney (legal representative) with an associated user name;

- Users’ names which need to be extended for the the following Thermal Year.

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