Automotive distribution grids measures

According to Resolution 487/2017/R/gas of the Italian Authority for electricity, gas and water (hereinafter “AEEGSI”) about the “provisions regarding capacity overrun charges at re-delivery points connected to automotive distribution grids”, Snam Rete Gas publishes the procedures and drafts useful to manage redelivery points connected to automotive distribution grids and to others TSOs Pipeline Network for Thermal Year 2017/2018.  

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In response to the request of the “Comitato di Consultazione per l’attività di Trasporto”, Snam Rete Gas informs that the deadline for submitting the documentation for October 2017 foreseen in the “Procedure for the management of Redelivery Points that fuel natural gas distribution plants for automotive uses connected to distribution grids or other TSOs pipeline network” is postponed to 10th October 2017.
It will therefore be possible for the Customers who have already sent the above mentioned documentation to integrate/amend it.

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