Study of the new city gates capacity bookings (ARERA Resolution n. 147/2019/R/gas)

This section prepared pursuant to Article 6 of the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (hereinafter "ARERA") of 16 April 2019, Resolution n. 147/2019/R/gas (hereinafter the "Resolution"), has the purpose to illustrating the updates of the progress in relation to the reform of the transport capacity bookings at the gas network redelivery points (through which the transportation capacities associated at every distribution networks redelivery point will be determined ahead on the basis of the sales companies planning).

As Snam the responsible of the balancing of Italian network, it has received the task pursuant the Resolution to draw up the study, and has collaborate with the "Acquirente Unico" to (a) collecting the necessary information for its assessments and (b) to share the information flows in order to start the new IT processes of the capacity bookings assignment with effect from 1 October 2020.

In order to finalize the study, Snam also plan a series of meetings/information flows with the market (Balancing Users, Trade Associations, Distribution Companies) during which it was possible to show the progress of the evaluation and to collect useful information.

Here below are published the shown presentations to:

• The business associations in data 19.12.2019.

• The market during the 18.02.2020 commercial worskhop and related studies.


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Office phone number: +39 02 370 39043
Manager: Daniele Agosto
Referents: Franco Giannattasio, Alessandro Asti
Email: conferimento@snam.it

  • Presentation of category associations open discussion meeting - 19.12.2019

  • Workshop presentation to the market - 18.02.2020

  • Z study Report (pursuant to ARERA 147/2019 resolution)

  • Redelivery points example - Z study


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