PRISMA Fallback Processes

Fallback processes in case of PRISMA Platform unavailability.

Here below is made available the Procedure and the forms necessary to book capacity at Interconnection Points with foreign pipelines in case of PRISMA Platform unavailability.

This process shall be used for the following products:
-Long Term Auctions (Multi Annual, Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly)
-Short Term Auctions (Day Ahead and Within Day)
-OTC transactions on the secondary market

For any other information on this matter, please contact:

Access Contract office (CONT)
Manager: Daniele Agosto
Office phone number: +39 02 370 39043
Email:  conferimento@snam.it


Snam Rete Gas is willing to accept any consideration related to the process previosuly described until the 15th of February 2019.

  • Procedure

  • Form 1 - capacity booking

  • Annex 1 - capacity booking

  • Form 2 - OTC transaction

  • Annex 2 - OTC transaction

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