Process for billing the capacity, the commodity, the connections, capacity deviations, optional features and those associated with the commercial balancing activities.

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How and when are invoiced Overrun Charges?

Overrun Charges shall be applied in accordance with the AEEGSI Resolution 137/02 in the manner defined to paragraph 4.4.3) of the Chapter 9 of the Network Code.

Are the transportation tariffs valid for the entire Thermal Year?

Transportation tariffs are valid for the specific Thermal Year but they are approved by the AEEGSI for the solar year. Tariffs are published on the website of Snam Rete Gas in the “Business & Services” area, current Thermal Year (e.g. “Thermal Year 2016/2017”) under “Gas transmission tariffs”.

What should I do to be entitled to Portale Fatturazione?

In order to be entitled to Portale Fatturazione you must complete and submit to Snam Rete Gas the form "Abilitazione all’accesso al Portale Fatturazione" where you can request the access up to 4 names. Remember that for every name must be completed and transmitted the authorization request online via the functionality available at the link:http://www.snam.it/en/transportation/Online_Services/.

How can I change the enabled users to the Portale Fatturazione?

In order to change the enabled users to the Portale Fatturazione is required to send to Snam Rete Gas a new form for the Portale Fatturazione ("Abilitazione all’accesso al Portale Fatturazione”) signed and complete with all the names (max 4) for which you want to keep/enable the qualification. For every person which you want to enable is then needed to send online request on Snam Rete Gas website via the functionality available at the link: http://www.snam.it/en/transportation/Online_Processes/

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