Customer Service

Closure/activation/reactivation of the Redelivery points interconnected with the transmission network; maintenance work on the SRG natural gas pipelines; alternative gas supply service; measuring and regulating system inspections, requests for clarification on topics related to the Transport service (as simple examples, requests for information on the quality of the gas redelivered, requests for Measurement report checks, explanations of interruptions/reductions in the Transport service, …)



What exactly is the intervention of closure of a redelivery Point?

The closure of a redelivery point is the insertion of a metal disc - at the point of closure and connection, located immediately upstream of the Redelivery Point - to intercept the delivered gas to the given Redelivery point.
The intervention can be required by a User holder of capacity transport at the given Redelivery Point.
As a result of a closure intervention the User remains, in any case, the owner of the booked capacity until the end of the Thermal Year (unless in the case of capacity trading with other users).

How can I ask for the programming of a closure operation of a redelivery Point?

A user with capacity transport on a redelivery point can ask to SRG to schedule an intervention of closure through the ServiRe portal. In the section "Enter request" is just enough insert the redelivery Point and the proposed date of intervention, knowing that the date can be changed depending on the availability of Snam Rete Gas.

If the Redelivery Point is shared with other Shippers of the transport, can I ask for the closure of the Point?

The ServiRe portal allows even more requests of closure interventions on the same redelivery Point (programmed in case to be the first to fall through); once the first intervention has been - successfully done- Snam Rete Gas will withdraw the other scheduled interventions.

How long does it takes a closure operation?

Snam RG - in accordance with the ARERA Resolution No 602/2013/R/gas concerning about the quality of service offered - answers to applicants no later than 3 working days.
A User can request an intervention of closure with agreement with an advance of at least 3 working days; in all the other cases it is appropriate that the request is received by SRG in advance of at least 30 calendar days, so that, obtained the answer by SRG, the User can inform the owner of the plant with an advace at least 20 calendar days, as required by chapter 6 of the SRG Network Code.

Is necessary the presence of a representative of the User for the closure intervention? and the owner of the plant?

To attend a closure operation is needed to fill out the appropriate section of the ServiRe portal at the same time of the request for intervention by SRG;
If it is not possibile, the intervention is performed in absence of the User rapresentative and of the owner of the plant, as long as the User certifies to SRG that has informed the owner of the plant with at least 20 days of advance so that it can to secure the plant for the intervention opportunity.

Can be revoked a closure intervention?

Of course; through the proper function of the ServiRe portal a User can request the revocation of the intervention by 12:00 of the working day preceding the execution date of the closure intervention.
In case of capacity transfer between two Users, SRG revokes the required closure intervention by a user which doesn't have ownership of capacity transport on the concerned redelivery Point.

How can I be informed of the progress of a closure request?

The ServiRe portal in the Monitoring section allows you to view all pending requests for which (a) SRG has not yet provided the date and time of action, (b) the User has not yet provided the self-certification in which he confirms that he has informed the owner of the plant or (c) not yet performed.
A useful mailing system informs the user about the progress of the request.


Activation / Reactivation

What exactly is the intervention of activation/reactivation of a redelivery Point?

A redelivery Point that was previously closed can be reactivated, while a new redelivery Point can be activated.
The User holder of capacity transport contract at that redelivery Point can require to SRG, through the ServiRe portal, the activation or reactivation of a point.

If I have booked capacity on a redelivery Point shared with other transport Users, can I request the activation/reactivation of the Point?

To request the activation or reactivation of a redelivery point shared with other transport users, is enough the request of a single User.

Is the process of activation/reactivation of a redelivery point similar to the closure's process?

Not exactly; the activation/reactivation of a Redelivery Point is equivalent to activate or reactivate the delivery of gas and to do it SRG needs all necessary precautions; for this reason the planning of an activation/reactivation is subordinated to the verification of the documents that the customer must provide to Snam Rete Gas.
For the request, the Users must specify a reference of the owner of the plant (name, email, phone) that SRG can use if needed (missing or incorrect documentation, ...).

How fast is the SRG answer, on average, for an activation/reactivation request?

After the preliminary technical checks that is needed to schedule an intervention of activation/reactivation of a redelivery point, the ARERA Resolution No 602/2013/R/gas concerning the quality service, asks SRG to answer within 20 working days (greater than 3 requested for the closure).


Interruption of transport service

Where can I see the SRG interventions that will involve an interruption/reduction of the Transportation Service?

Snam Rete Gas publishes and keeps updated the GPIT portal through which it notifies at least two months in advance, the interventions on its pipeline network that will involve an interruption of the Transportation Service.

Can I ask the reprogramming of an intervention? When can I ask for reprogramming? Where?

Snam Rete Gas publishes within the 15th day of the month M-2 the Monthly Intervention Plan of the month M; each User, that hold at least 50% of the booked capacity on a redelivery Point, can request a deferment of a scheduled intervention within 5 working days. Remember that SRG typically interrupts stretches of network that supply more redelivery Point simultaneously: re-scheduling a work means then re-schedule the date of the service interruption for all involved redelivery Point (maybe some of that has already ask for an alternative service of supply!). The GPIT portal allows the users to request a rescheduling of an intervention: SRG provides feedback within 5 working days.

Once that an intervention has been reprogrammed, Can another User request to shift again the intervention?

Once that an intervention has been reprogrammed because of a user's request, cannot be rescheduled again: for Users is therefore important the monitoring of the GPIT portal and e-mails that are periodically sent by Snam Rete Gas (Snam Rete Gas, for example, notify to a User that for a redelivery point of his interest, has been asked a re-scheduling of the work fron another user).

What is an intervention with advance notice? And what is an intervention without advance notice?

An intervention with advance notice is an intervention that Snam Rete Gas programs with at least 3 working days before the date of the intervention; otherwise the intervention takes the name of intervention without advance notice.
SRG communicates the scheduling of these intervention through the GPIT portal.

Is there an intervention classification?

The Chapter 14 of the Network Code distinguishes the intervention due to (a) interferences with third party work (b) for network reinforcement/development/new connections and (c) other cases, among which majority is characterized by maintenances of the network . In the first two cases, the amount incurred by the owner of the plant for the alternative Service of supply are charged to the TSO.


Alternative supply service (gas cylinder truck)

How can I request the alternative Service of supply on behalf of the end customer?

You can request the alternative Service of supply by accessing at the appropriate functionality available on the serviRe portal.
Once that the montly intervention plan has been published, the User has 15 days (until the last day of the month M-2) to ask Snam Rete Gas the activation of Service, indicating among other things, the gas quantity needed for the circumstance (which must be almost the same of verbalized historical consumption in counterpart periods by Snam Rete Gas).
SRG, in compliance with the operating procedure published on its website, contact the supplier, adhering to the agreements signed with the trade associations, geographically close to the site of action and puts it in contact with the end customer.

Is it mandatory to use the SRG alternative Service of supply?

No, a User can take note that the end customer, for example, is able to organize independently an alternative service of supply. Furthermore the customer can decide not to require any service for the temporary closure of system / absence of withdrawals, existence of an interconnected network or an alternative fuel to natural gas.

What does it happen if a User not provide feedback in time for the organization of the alternative Service of supply?

Snam Rete Gas, doesn't organize any alternative Service because it does not have the useful information to inform the supplier; however, nothing forbids that the customer can organize himself independently.


Clarification request

What kind of clarification requests can I send to Snam Rete Gas?

Snam Rete Gas replies to the clarification requests concerning: the review of the calculation of the transported gas, the activity of closure of redelivery points, the measurement report, the rescheduling of maintenance operations, general requests.

How can I send to Snam Rete Gas a clarification request about verification of Measurement Reports, gas quality, ...?

Snam Rete Gas provides, through the ServiRe portal, the functionality "Clarification Requests" with which the Users of the transportation system can send their clarification requests. Snam Rete Gas is obliged to answer to received requests within the working days defined by ARERA (Resolution No 602/2013/R/GAS) which are respectively: 2 for the review of the calculation of transported gas, 3 for the closure activity on redelivery Points, 15 for the measurement report, 5 for the rescheduling of maintenance operations, 20 for general requests.

If I have not found an appropriate answer on the operational functionality of IT applications that SRG provides, how could I request a specific clarification?

You can use the myg@sview portal where there is a "chat" function in which you select the process involved and the specific sub-process and then you can send the request, that is directed to the competent office.

I am a Final Customer/Local Distribution Company, can I send a clarification request to Snam Rete Gas? How can I do it?

In inviting you to contact your supplier to transmit to Snam Rete Gas any highlighting of your interest, is however possible send clarification requests concerning the Transport Service using the form accessible from this link.

I am a User of the Transport Service, how can I send a clarification request to Snam Rete Gas?

Snam Rete Gas, taking care the needs expressed by the Transport users, had developed a functionality dedicated to the clarification requests (such as, but not limited to: requests for verification of the measurement reports, verification of the redelivered gas quality by Snam Rete Gas, verification of the allocation/billing informations, etc.), available within the ServiRe portal.

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