Explanatory Note PSV

System for exchanges/transfers of the gas at a Virtual Trading Point

Snam Rete Gas offers its Users and other companies the possibility to perform exchanges/transfers of the gas inlet in the National Pipeline Network at a Virtual Trading Point (“ Punto di Scambio Virtuale” or “PSV”). Primary target of the PSV is to supply the Users with a meeting point of demand and offer where to make bilateral natural gas transactions on daily basis, with relevant accounting in the frame of the energy balance of each single User. For an ordered, effective, and automated management of the subject gas exchange/transfers, Snam Rete Gas developed an information tool, appropriately connected to the Logistica Gas computer system, to which Users have access for the recording of their transactions.

Further considerations are available in Online Services - Virtual Trading Point area.

In Access to Virtual Trading Point (PSV) - Trader and Third-Party Operators you can find the documentations for Trader and Third-Party Operators

In Management access/modify to the Snam Rete Gas Portals you can find the authorisation form to get access or to modify access to SRG Portals.

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