Network operational balancing data pre Resolution 312/2016/R/Gas

Data are published in compliance to the provisions of Ruling n° 137/02, Ruling ARG/gas 45/11 and Regulation EC n° 715/2009.
The provision of information in units different from those set forth in Network code is carried out in compliance with the provisions of Regulation EC n° 715/2009. In case of any inconsistency, of whatever nature, related to the usage of such units, the units indicated in the Network code shall prevail.


Publication as per AEEGSI Resolution No. 485/2014/R/gas, paragraph 6

Snam Rete Gas makes available, as per Resolution No. 485/2014/R/gas, the criteria used to calculate the parameter M, as defined in the Network Code (Chapter 9, par. 3.1.2). >>>


Publication as per AEEGSI Resolution No. 422/2014/R/gas, paragraph 1

In accordance with Resolution No. 422/2014/R/GAS, par. 1, Snam Rete Gas makes available the criteria used to calculate the amount of linepack and SRG storage capacity available during the locational market (G-1 Session) and the quantities eventually made available in relation to the same resources of the same Resolution. >>>

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