JIM – New Interconnection Point Italy/Slovenia

18th November 2014 - Snam Rete Gas and Plinovodi are launching a market consultation in a coordinated way to gather non-binding Expression of Interest (EoI) by market participants on the realization of transmission capacity from Snam Rete Gas network through a new interconnection point in the area of San Dorligo della Valle/Osp (“Interconnection Point�?) to Plinovodi network.

Parties interested in the realization of transmission capacity by Snam Rete Gas and Plinovodi at the new Interconnection Point are invited to participate to the process providing their non-binding Expression of Interest (EoI).

The EoI shall be communicated by duly filling in all its parts the Expression of Interest Form (Appendix A) and returning it to Snam Rete Gas within by 12th December 2014.

An Information Memorandum is available on the websites of Snam Rete Gas and Plinovodi. The purpose of this document is to give an overview of the process in terms of capacity offer and allocation.

  • Joint Information Memorandum

For providing their non-binding Expression of Interest, forms to be submitted are available:

  • Expression of Interest Form: Appendix A

  • Confidentiality Agreement (Appendix B)

  • Non Fraud Declaration

  • No bankrupt declaration

  • Attested affidavit

All the documents concerning the non-binding EoI shall be sent to Snam Rete Gas via registered mail at the following contact:

Snam Rete Gas
Piazza Santa Barbara 7
20097 San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy
e-mail: contratti.allacciamento@pec.snamretegas.it
To the attention of: CONALL Department


Any request for additional information or questions in relation to the project and/or to this Joint Information Memorandum should be addressed to:

Snam Rete Gas
Piazza Santa Barbara, 7
20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)
Fax: +39 02.370.30322
Email address:

Livia Napolano
+39 02 370 37749

Enrico Calori
+39 02 370 37461

Marco Cabri
+39 02 370 37142

Cesta Ljubljanske brigade 11b
1000 Ljubljana

Jošt Štrukelj
00 386 41 264 696

Klemen Ferjan�?i�?
00 386 1 5820 620

Franc Cimerman
00 386 1 5820 628

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