Snam Rete Gas Network


Update to October 2015

This section contains the geographic representation and plan of the gas pipelines of the Snam Rete Gas transportation network, published in compliance with article 3.1 of Delibera 137/02 passed by the Electricity and Gas Authority and with provisions of the chapter 2 of Snam Rete Gas’s Network Code.

The most important elements represented in the cartography are gas pipelines, with their diameters and, on the National Network, maximum operating pressures, main plants such as compression plants, production and storage fields, gas blending plants and interconnection points with other transportation networks.

Cartography’s details and key can be seen in PDF format.

Information about re-delivery points is published in the sections Transportation Tariffs and Transportation Capacity.

Further information about technical data of the network is included in the relative section.


cartina_SRG_info_utenti-ITA Frame1_2015 Frame2_2015 Frame3_2015 Frame4_2015 RIQ5_2015 RIQ6_2015 RIQ7_2015 Frame8_2015 Frame9_2015 Key_2015

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