Operating Plans and Interruptions


The Operating Plans (annual and monthly) are published according to the Chapters 8 and 14 of the Network Code.

The Operating Plans take account of the actual and planned increases of transportation capacity, as indicated in the 10- and 15- years capacity plans. The management of the various interventions is carried on according to the procedures indicated in the Network Code, for the cases which involve a reduction of transportation capacities; furthermore. The Plans take into account existing coordination with interconnected networks.

Therefore, to use properly the plans, it is necessary to consider that:

  • The management of the capacity reduction during the Thermal Year, involved by the interventions, shall follow the procedures of the Network Code;
  • The planning of the quantities that that Shippers intend to feed into an withhold from the network, shall follow the procedures of the Network Code as well.

Therefore, the plans give an indication of the elements that can affect the availability of the full transportation capacity during the following two Thermal Years; the evaluation is carried on more precisely for the first year, because the interventions of the first year can affect the second year.

Anyway Snam Rete Gas makes all the information available on a merely indicative and non-binding basis, holding the right to update them in every moment, and in case of unforeseeable events.


The efficient management of the transportation system requires the comprehensive monitoring and control of all its components; to meet this objective, Snam Rete Gas network is subject to periodic inspection, control and maintenance programmes in order to prevent possible anomalies and malfunctioning. This also ensures that the gas transportation infrastructure is maintained at the highest level of security and efficiency. Such maintenance does not generally impact on the transportation capacity.

In addition to inspections, controls and maintenance, also other interventions, planned by Snam Rete Gas, which give rise to interruptions/reductions in transportation capacity, shall be taken into consideration.

As a general rule, Snam Rete Gas determines in the first instance whether it is feasible or not to utilise alternative network assets for the transportation service. If this is not possible, Snam Rete Gas will make any effort to minimise the impact of the maintenance interventions on the gas flows on its network.

The Operation Plans contain, expressed as variations of transportation capacity, the elements necessary to estimate the level of reliability of the gas transportation system. Generally, the structure of the transportation system does not involve particular situations, except those of force majeure, that are out of the scope of the Operation Plans.
The planning of the interventions, connected to reduction of transportation capacity, take into account of several feasibility conditions, included weather conditions.
Finally, it is important to remember that Operating Plans do not give any information about the availability of gas, but only about the possibility to transport gas quantity that the Shippers introduce at the entry points and withdraw at the redelivery points.


3.1. Type of service provided (firm transportation, interruptible transportation)

  • For the first year, Operating Plans are referred to the total transportation capacity (firm and interruptible capacity)...
  • For the second year, Plans are referred only to firm transportation capacity because, for the years following the first, the analysis of the interruptible capacities are scarcely meaningful both for the increasing uncertainties about real consumptions at the redelivery points and about network assets, which are influenced by interventions still to be planned, by possible unavailability of plants, and, finally, by the commissioning schedule of new network reinforcements. For these reasons, no Operating Plans for the years following the second are published.

3.2. National Gas Pipeline Network Points taken into account
The Operating Plans are referred to specific entry and exit points of the National Gas Pipeline Network, where transportation capacities are defined;

3.2.1 Entry points interconnected with foreign networks (imports)
- TARVISIO (import from Russia)
- GORIZIA (import from Slovenia)
- PASSO GRIES (import from North Europe)
- MAZARA (import from North Africa)
- GELA (import from Libya)

For such entry points, the transportation capacity taken into consideration for the period of analysis is the sum of firm transportation capacity and of the interruptible capacity (if available).

3.2.2 Entry points from LNG terminals
For such entry points, it is indicated the transportation capacity for the period in consideration.

3.2.3 Entry points from national production
For the entry points interconnected with national productions, it is indicated the transportation capacity published by Snam Rete Gas (on a daily basis), the related monthly transportation capacity and the related transportation reductions, referred to the previous values.

3.2.4 Entry points interconnected with storages
For such entry points, which are virtual (gathered in ‘hubs’), Snam Rete Gas operates the transportation of the planned inlet and outlet quantities in compliance with the storage operator. In the Operating Plans, only the eventual transportation reductions are specified.

3.2.5 Exit point interconnected with foreign networks (exports)

For such export points, it is indicated the transportation capacity for the period in consideration.

Information on planned, unplanned and actual interruptions are published according to Regulation EC n.715/2009 Annex I, section 3.3.1 letters f) and g).

Planned interruptions are published also into the operating plans, while unplanned and actual interruptions are published in “Interruptions” section.


  • Half-yearly operating plan 2016 - 2017

  • Monthly operating plan September 2017

  • Monthly operating plan Agoust 2017 rev.1

  • Monthly operating plan Agoust 2017

  • Monthly operating plan July 2017 rev.3

  • Monthly operating plan July 2017 rev.2

  • Monthly operating plan July 2017 rev.1

  • Monthly operating plan July 2017

  • Monthly operating plan June 2017 rev.1

  • Monthly operating plan June 2017

  • Monthly operating plan May 2017

  • Monthly operating plan April 2017

  • Monthly operating plan March 2017

  • Monthly operating plan February 2017

  • Monthly operating plan January 2017

  • Monthly operating plan December 2016 rev.1

  • Monthly operating plan December 2016

  • Monthly operating plan November 2016

  • Monthly operating plan October 2016

  • Annual operating plan 2016 - 2017

The following files contain the monthly programming on Redelivery Point with a technical capacity ≥ of 600 GWh/year.
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