"Chiama prima di scavare"

"Chiama prima di scavare"

Chiama prima di scavare

toll-free number 800 900 010

"Chiama prima di scavare" is a Snam Rete Gas initiative of awareness addressed to stakeholders - such as farmers and ground handlers - whose work can interfere with gas pipelines: the project is aimed at ensuring high standards of safety, at promoting constant dialogue with territory and support sustainability practices of Snam.

Snam Rete Gas operates a pipeline network that stretches for more than 32 thousand kilometers and extends across most of Italy. For this reason, it is possible that a pipeline – whether large or small – could be located where an intervention, such as a deep plowing or a digging or excavation work, is planned. For everyone's safety, it is important that these activities have been planned taking into account the possible presence of gas pipelines. That's why Snam Rete Gas is concerned to indicate its presence with a specific signage.




If the work to be undertaken is part of this list, it may interfere with gas pipeline: abatement of orchards, poplar, and similar, deep plowing , road construction works, drains, power lines and accessory works, earth moving for hydrogeological purposes, laying sewage, irrigation or aqueducts pipelines, wells , installation of pilings, designing large urbanization, re-profiling ditches and canals, subsoiling or scarifying or ripping, leveling.


In this case, before any work, it is desiderable to call Snam Rete Gas Interference Management toll free number at 800 900 010. The service is available 24 hours on 24 and the call is free even mobile. Snam Rete Gas’ technicians would check compatibility of the intervention with the pipeline and will show how to perform the work safely. The service is free. In case of anomalies at Snam Rete Gas pipelines it is required to call the toll free number 800 900 010.

"CHIAMA PRIMA DI SCAVARE": for your safety and the safety of everybody.

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