2016 Customer Satisfaction survey concluded

2016 Customer Satisfaction survey concluded

Snam Rete Gas has completed the collection of the 2016 Customer Satisfaction questionnaires, related to its offered commercial services, with particular reference to the innovations introduced in the Termal Year 2015-2016: the participation rate has stabilized at 87% and more than 80% of respondents expressed considerable satisfaction regarding the practices of Stakeholder Engagement implemented by Snam Rete Gas and aimed to consolidate the positive dialogue with its Stakeholders.

All the comments received will be an opportunity to identify additional actions aimed at increasing Snam Rete Gas work efficiency, in line with the practices of continuous improvement of services offered.

Below is available a summary of the survey’s results, pending the publication of the full report scheduled for the next Shipper’s day.

For further information is possible to contact Paolo Bagialemani, phone +39 02-37039587, or Federica Crudeli, phone +39 02-37037550, email: customer_satisfaction@snamretegas.it.

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22 December 2016 - 16:27 CET