Biomethane: Snam expounds rules and procedures for producers


More than 400 people took part in the "Connecting Biomethane" workshop, organized by Snam in San Donato Milanese and dedicated to industry’s players.
Opened by CEO, Marco Alverà and Commercial Senior Vice President Gianluca Zonta, the event was an opportunity to share information and updates on the procedures through which producers can request connection to the Snam network, on the roles and responsibilities of the involved parties and on the ways in which to book the transport capacity  in order to inject biomethane into network.
Among the intervention, it has to be highlighted the pitch delivered by the Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations, Camilla Palladino, about the strategic role of biomethane in decarbonisation context.
The Italian gas infrastructure, one of the largest and most widespread in the world, can becames a carrier for this renewable and programmable energy source, promoting the decarbonisation path of the energy system with low costs.
The first injection of biomethane in the Snam network was carried out in June 2017 in Montello (Bergamo). The Company is also a member of the European Gas for Climate consortium, which promotes the development of renewable gas (biomethane and renewable hydrogen) to achieve a zero-emission energy system in Europe by 2050. According to a study commissioned by Ecofys consortium, the production of renewable gas in Europe can increase at least 120 billion cubic meters by 2050 and the use of this gas in existing infrastructures can guarantee a saving of 140 billion euros a year.
The presentations illustrated during the works, in italian version, are shown below.

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27 April 2018 - 13:37 CEST