Ministerial Decree 18th May 2018 regarding the odorisation: available the dedicated forms

With reference to the news of 25 May 2018, Snam Rete Gas informs that the dedicated section of the site, in which to find the forms necessary to fulfill the obligations set forth in the Ministerial Decree of 18 May 2018 regarding the safe use and use of natural gas, is available. The section can be reached through the following link: Odorizzazione – utilizzo in sicurezza del gas.

In particular, this Decree establishes that the end customer has the burden to ensuring the safe use of natural gas for domestic use or similar, even if combined with technological uses, in case he is directly connected to the transport network. For this purpose, the end customer must adopt the appropriate technical solutions (odorisation, detection and interception tools, or equivalent).

The Decree also establishes mandatory obligations for the end customer which have to be fulfilled within specific deadlines; in particular, he must send to the TSO:

  • within 60 days from the date of publication of the Decree in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (i.e. by 6 August 2018), a declaration regarding the use’s category of the delivered gas;
  • within 6 months from the same date of publication (i.e. by 7 December 2018), in case of declaration of domestic or similar use - also combined with technological uses - a certificate that such use is safe having adopted the technical solutions foreseen by the Decree.

In case the end customer do not send to the TSO the declarations within the aforementioned deadlines, the TSO will cut-off the redelivery point in case it is "open", will not r open it in case it was previously "closed" or in case of a newredelivery point.

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26 June 2018 - 15:22 CEST