Snam meets the market: the company hosts its second commercial workshop of 2019

To continue building its relationship with its customers, Snam has launched its second commercial workshop of 2019, which took place on Thursday 11 April in San Donato Milanese.The event aimed to discuss the main issues affecting the gas market and share expertise with a view to promoting continuous improvement. Approximately 250 professionals attended, representing 150 companies.The workshop was divided into two sessions: the morning session focused on settlement and the dynamic profiling methods of gas withdrawals and the Wkr coefficient, pursuant to resolution 72/2018/R/gas ’(TISG), while the afternoon session looked at the key trends in balancing, transport, storage and regasification operations.Snam also provided an update on the transformation of the company’s commercial IT systems, which was included as part of the planning for the Jarvis project.
Snam also gave its stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the event in streaming (150 users connected from 8 different European countries).

Snam's commercial workshops are part of the company’s commitment to maintaining a regular dialogue with stakeholders. The company also hosts additional workshop days dedicated to specific issues such as settlement, biomethane and the renewal of IT systems.

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18 April 2019 - 09:55 CEST