Network Code

The Network Code is the set of rights and obligations  that Infrastrutture Trasporto Gas Spa (the "Transmission Operator") and the transmission service user ("User") legally agree to with regard to the transmission service offered by the Transmission Operator on its self-owned transmission grid. Infrastrutture Trasporto Gas Spa and the User agree to respect these rights and obligations when they sign the Transmission Contract.


The Network Code has been compiled by Infrastrutture Trasporto Gas Spa in compliance with the instructions outlined in Resolution no. 137/02 and has been approved by the National Regulation Agency in Resolution no. 64/08.


The various sections of the Infrastrutture Trasporto Gas Spa Network Code are included below (in pdf format) together with the relative attachments. These define the service terms and the obligations and responsibilities that both parties agree to.


  • Updates Report

  • Index

  • Introduction to the document

  • The operators

  • 01. Regulatory framework

  • 02. Network description and management

  • 03. Description of services provided

  • 04. Information exchange

  • 05. Capacity booking

  • 5A. Metodologia per la determinazione delle Capacità di Trasporto

  • 6. Realizzazione e gestione dei punti di consegna e riconsegna

  • 6A. Procedura per la richiesta di nuovi allacciamenti

  • Introduction to the section

  • 07. Capacity trading and transfer

  • 08. Transportation programme and nominations

  • 09. Balancing

  • 9A. Regole di allocazione ai pdr su RR

  • 9B. Profili giornalieri di consumo

  • 9C. Modalità di allocazione giornaliera

  • 10. Gas measurement

  • 11. Gas quality

  • 11A. Specifica tecnica

  • 12. Entry and redelivery points pressure

  • 13. Quality of service

  • 13A. Standard di qualità del servizio

  • 14. Planning and management interventions

  • 15. Operational coordination

  • 15A. Interrelazioni tra gli operatori

  • 16. Fiscal and custom requirements

  • 17. Invoicing and payment

  • 18. Parties' Liabilities

  • 19. General provisions

  • 20. Service emergencies

  • 21. Procedure for general emergency

  • 22. Update of the Network Code

  • 23. Glossary

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