Closed cycle phytodepuration systems are installed at gas compressor stations for the comprehensive treatment of domestic wastewater produced onsite. These systems help to eliminate this type of discharge because wastewater is treated and completely absorbed by planted vegetation prior to the separation of solid sediments

Phytodepuration is a system that uses shrubs, plants and flowers instead of traditional purifying systems.

The effectiveness and functioning of the purification system essentially depends on the behaviour of the plants used. Plants have an elevated capacity to absorb and use certain elements, thus preventing the contamination of surface or subterranean water bodies; they also promote microorganisms in the soil that attack and destroy a good portion of organic pollutants.

To function properly plants need an environment that ensures adequate light, water, thermal insulation and the chemical elements needed for organic synthesis. Land is therefore an essential component of this environment as it supports and nourishes plants. In phytodepuration systems, natural habitats for cultivating plants are artificially reconstructed; pollutants are removed through complex biological and chemical-physical processes, an essential part of which is the synergy between plants and the microorganisms that flourish in their habitats.

  • Cash Flow

    Cash and cash equivalents generated by an entity over a certain period of time.
  • Cathode Protection

    Method of protection against corrosion for pipelines
  • Comprehensive income

    Includes both net income for the period and changes in equity, which are recognised in equity in accordance with international accounting standards.
  • Controllable fixed costs

    Fixed operating costs of regulated activities.
  • Core business revenue

    Income from selling goods and/or providing services that are integral to the core business.
  • Corporate Governance

    Set of rules that monitor and direct the management and control of an entity.
  • Derivatives

    Financial instruments with a price/yield profile that derives from the price/yield parameters of other major instruments.
  • Dividend

    Payment to shareholders.
  • Dividend payout

    Ratio between the dividend and net profit for the period.
  • EBIT

    Difference, in a given period, between sales, services revenues, other revenue, operating costs, amortisation, depreciation and impairment losses.

    Used by Snam in its internal and external presentations.
  • Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency policies
  • Entry point (NN)

    Each of the points or local group of physical points of the National Gas Pipeline Network at which gas is delivered by the User to the Transporter.
  • Excise Duty

    Indirect tax
  • Gas Day

    Period of 24 consecutive hour
  • Gas pipeline

    Pipeline used for the transportation of natural gas
  • Inch

    Equal to 2.54 cm
  • Injection phase

    Period from 1 April to 31 October of the same year.
  • Investments

    Costs incurred for the acquisition of long-term assets where the useful life does not expire over one reporting period.
  • Phytodepuration

    Closed cycle phytodepuration systems fot the treatment of domestic wastewater at gas compressor stations
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